Review: Vegetarian Food Studio

 Review: Vegetarian Food Studio

This is my favourite place to eat in Cardiff. After plenty of bad experiences in restaurants there are not many places here that I feel safe eating as a Coeliac except Veggie Studio! They also offer a takeaway service which I have used many times.

Review: Vegetarian Food Studio

It’s a lovely little restaurant with beautiful handpainted murals on the walls and friendly staff who greet you at the door. We took my 7 month old nephew with us for lunch and the staff were giving him so much attention, he loved it!

Review: Vegetarian Food Studio

As well as the main restaurant they also have a deli counter where you can buy their amazing starters, sweet treats and snacks to go. I never leave without a bag full of their atom bombs and crispy potato bhajis! They fry the majority of their food in gram flour which is good for me as a coeliac but not so much as a low fodmap diet follower.

The menu has a wide range of starters, snacks, smaller dishes, Oriental-influenced dishes, South Indian dishes, North Indian dishes, breads, rices and sides. It it is clearly visible on the menu which dishes are gluten free and vegan friendly. I nearly always opt for their Gujarati Thali which offers a perfect combination of dishes for only £6.65. Included in the Thali is ‘the curry of the day’, 2 starters, steamed basmati rice, dhal, your choice of bread (gf option), 1 poppadum, a small salad and a dessert. Today’s curry was the black eyed bean curry which is delicious but they also gave us the option to swap it for a delicious potato curry. I chose to have the potato curry instead as I thought it would be a better lower fodmap option than the bean based curry. When ordering the Thali you are given the option of having regular, gluten free or vegan.

Review: Vegetarian Food Studio     Review: Vegetarian Food Studio

The staff are always understanding when it is explained that I have Coeliac disease, in the many years I have been eating there I have never had gluten-related adverse effects. It isn’t easy to find restaurants that are low fodmap so I always try and swap certain things if I can to lower the fodmap content.

For anyone suffering from Coeliac Disease, a gluten allergy, or simply avoiding it for health reasons I cannot recommend visiting this little restaurant more!

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