Chocolate Protein Porridge

chocolate protein porridge

chocolate protein porridge


45g gluten free porridge oats

250ml rice or almond milk

1 scoop (25g) vegan chocolate protein powder (can just be made with 1 tbsp of cacao powder instead)

1 banana

Optional extra toppings:

Fresh strawberries

Smooth peanut butter

Cacao nibs

Dessicated coconut


  • MIx the oats and and protein powder together in a pan then stir in the rice or almond milk
  • Mash half of the banana and add this to the pan
  • Stir over a medium heat for 3-4 minutes until the porridge reaches the right texture
  • Pour into a bowl then top with the remaining banana and toppings of your choice

On the weekend I always treat myself to a Coeliac friendly, low fodmap chocolatey breakfast! Along with my chocolate pancakes this chocolate protein porridge recipe is one of my favourites. If you don’t want to add protein powder to the dish it can just be made by adding 1 tbsp of cacao powder and reducing the plant milk to 200ml. By using gluten free porridge oats instead of rolled oats it reduces the cooking time down to only a  few minutes! I love adding mashed banana to the porridge as it sweetens it without adding unnecessary sugars, it also makes it taste amazing!

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