Coconut & Almond Butter Flapjacks

coconut & almond butter flapjacks

coconut & almond butter flapjacks

I have been asked by a few people on Instagram to create a simple flapjack recipe so here it is! I love flapjacks topped with chocolate so couldn’t resist topping these with some homemade chocolate. If you would prefer a less indulgent snack then simply leave it out.  I like to eat them straight from the fridge as it gives them an amazing chewy texture.

These make the perfect mid-morning or pre-workout snack, I always like to have a cup of coffee and something sweet before I go to the gym so these are perfect for that! They are gluten free, low FODMAP, refined sugar free and vegan.

Makes 16


For the flapjacks:

250g gluten free oats (I used Koro)

90g melted coconut oil (I used Cocofina)

90g smooth almond butter (I used Koro)

30g grated/dessicated coconut (I used Cocofina)

105ml maple syrup

For the topping:

100g melted coconut oil

45ml maple syrup

30g cacao powder

Optional: cacao nibs & grated coconut to decorate


  • Preheat the oven to 180oc and line a 7×7 square tin with greaseproof paper
  • To make the flapjacks, simply combine all the ingredients together in a bowl
  • Press the flapjack mixture firmly into the lined tin
  • Bake them for 15 minutes
  • Leave the flapjacks to cool completely in the tin before topping them
  • Mix together the coconut oil, maple syrup and cacao powder then pour it over the flapjacks
  • Place them in the freezer for 30 minutes to allow the chocolate to set before cutting them into squares with a sharp knife

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