My Green Monster Smoothie

Green monster smoothie

Green monster smoothie

1 banana (frozen is best)

50ml cold water

½ stick celery

10cm cucumber

3 gem lettuce leaves

1 handful spinach

1 tsp supergreen powder

1 heaped tbsp hemp seeds


Blend everything together in a blender until smoothie then enjoy!

This green monster smoothie is definitely the greenest smoothie recipe I have come up with! It contains everything I could find in the fridge at the time that would taste good in a smoothie. You’d think that with such a high veg content it would taste savoury but the banana taste definitely comes through. This tasty smoothie is perfect the day after too many drinks or after overindulging!

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  1. […] up! Unfortunately half of the packet was crushed in the post so I sprinkled the crumbs on my green smoothie and inhaled the rest of the packet in about 5 seconds. This is definitely my new favourite flavour […]

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