Pina Colada Smoothie

Pina colada smoothie

Pina colada smoothie


120g frozen pineapple

1 frozen banana

200ml coconut milk

1 tsp maca powder

10cm cucumber

1.5 tsp dessicated coconut


  • Simply combine everything (except 1/2 tsp of the dessicated coconut) in a blender
  • pour into a glass and sprinkle over the remaining dessicated coconut
  • If your blender can’t handle so much frozen fruit leave it out of the freezer for a few minutes before blending

Pina colada smoothie! Before I starting following the low fodmap method rum was definitely my favourite alcoholic drink (it’s considered high fodmap) and pina coladas were my favourite cocktail. This smoothie may not have rum in it but it definitely reminds me of sitting in cocktail bars with a freezing cold pina colada. Perfect for summer days!

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