REVIEW: Eat Naked, Brighton

REVIEW: Eat Naked, Brighton

REVIEW: Eat Naked, Brighton. I am always looking for new places to find fresh juices, smoothies and healthy treats that are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. I came across Eat Naked when i was looking up juice bars while I was spending a few days in Brighton.

Eat Naked is the brainchild of Masterchef finalist Stacie Stewart. The little deli shop offers a variety of breakfasts, healthier sweet treats and salads along with bottled juices and nut milks that you have the choice of blending with ice and whey protein. It was nice to see that some of the juices did not use apple, making them low-fodmap. The menu is advertised as entirely gluten and refined sugar free. Aside from the optional whey protein and the occasional use of natural yoghurt the menu is also vegan friendly.

I chose to try their healing golden turmeric nut milk and a raw vegan snickers. The milk was made up of activated almonds, medjool date, turmeric and other spices including cloves. I have never tried turmeric in milk or a latte before so I was a bit sceptical but it was delicious! It was a beautiful colour, warming and contained just the right amount of the spices. I would love to try their other nut milks especially the lucuma salted caramel flavour. I am addicted to raw snickers bars so I can never say no when i find a new one to try. Eat Naked did not disappoint! The chocolate and caramel layers were faultless with the peanut flavour coming through perfectly. The base seemed to be mostly made up of dates and peanuts, it was a little different and sweeter than I have tried before but worked perfectly with the caramel and bitter chocolate.

Eat Naked is perfect for people with Coeliac Disease or those avoiding gluten, vegans and anyone simply looking for a refined-sugar free treat. I definitely recommend this little place!


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