REVIEW: HelloFresh Flavour Generator

review: hellofresh flavour generator

HelloFresh are a global fresh food delivery service that offers people the chance to enjoy delicious home-cooked meals without having to deal with the hassle of shopping and meal planning! Following the success of their delivery services HelloFresh have set up the Flavour Generator on their website which gives you the opportunity to select your desired cuisine and taste (be it spicy, tangy etc) resulting in inspiring healthy meal suggestions.

My top two favourite cuisines are Indian and Middle Eastern and I am a big fan of spicy food so after looking through both I decided on the Zahtar Salmon with Fragrant Rice. I love salmon and Middle Eastern flavours so this recipe, while keeping it simple, sounded flavoursome and delicious! The recipe I chose was easy to follow and packed with flavour, it’s not often that I don’t need to add extra herbs and spices to a recipe! I plan on cooking this again for my family as I think they would also really enjoy it.

I will personally be using the Flavour Generator tool again in the future when I need a bit of meal inspiration as I saw quite a few recipe suggestions that I want to try! My favourite aspect of the tool is is the affordability and availability of the ingredients. I managed to find all mine in this supermarket! If, like myself, you live with Coeliac Disease and/or IBS then a lot of the meals are conveniently already gluten free and many are easily made low FODMAP. With the Zahtar Salmon with Fragrant Rice, for example, I simply replace the garlic and olive oil with garlic infused olive and chives, then swapped the stock for 1 tsp of miso paste (definitely not Middle Eastern but a low FODMAP lifesaver!).

Give the Flavour Generator a go, you won’t regret it!review: hellofresh flavour generator

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