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Raw Gorilla are a British company that specialises in delicious paleo, grain-free cereals and snacks. All their offerings are naturally gluten free and plant-based making them the perfect option for people like myself who suffer with autoimmune diseases and digestive disorders! Their paleo granola comes in 3 flavours: Original Crispies, Cacao Crispies and Strawberry Crispies. The also sell snacks called munchies which now come in four flavours: Cacao and Lucuma, Maca & Cinnamon, Lemon with Lucuma and Coconut (new), and Apricot with Baobab and Coconut (new).

    review: raw gorilla munchies

I am always on the look out for new healthy breakfast options and sweet things to snack on as breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day (I am incomprehensible in the morning without it) and I am a serial snacker with a major sweet tooth!

When I first came across Raw Gorilla products I was browsing the cereal aisle in my local health food store and spotted their Raw Cacao Crispies and Cacao Lucuma Munchies and they have quickly become some of my favourite breakfast toppings!


When I was asked to sample and review their two new flavours of munchies I obviously jumped at the chance. The first of the two flavours I tried was the Lemon, Lucuma and Coconut which I managed to eat so quickly I didn’t have a time to take a photo. They have very few ingredients which is instantly appealing, they are dates, coconut flakes, lucuma, lemon oil and activated sesame. These munchies are little thinner than the original flavours and have a crunchier biscuit-like texture which I loved. The strong, moorish lemon flavour definitely remind me of my mums lemon cake that I always ate when I was growing up! Unfortunately half of the packet was crushed in the post so I sprinkled the crumbs on my green smoothie and inhaled the rest of the packet in about 5 seconds. This is definitely my new favourite flavour of munchies, I can’t wait for them to be available in shops!


The second new flavour of munchies that Raw Gorilla have released is Apricot, Baobab and Tigernut, the ingredients are apricot, activated buckwheat, dates, sunflower seeds, tiger nuts and baobab. I love the tangy flavour of baobab so I already knew I would enjoy them and they did not disappoint! As you can see below I used some of them as a topping for my coconut and maca porridge and just ate the rest while writing this review as it reminded me how tasty they are! The Apricot, Baobab and Tigernut munchies have a chewier texture to the other flavours and the tropical flavour of baobab comes through instantly. These would definitely go perfectly with a tropical smoothie bowl! I have never tried tigernuts before but I definitely will be after eating these!


If you are health-conscious and looking for gluten free, paleo, refined sugar free breakfast options or snacks that are organic and plant-based then I can’t recommend Raw Gorilla more! Head over to their website and take a look 🙂

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  1. I was in London and saw the products in supermarket
    We are based in UAE and in the foodstuff buisness supplying the major supermarkets
    Your product are of interest
    If you send the product list and the prices
    We could study and come back to u

  2. Heya Ruth, I was brought here by shared love for Raw Gorilla!

    Let me encourage you to try the relaunched Munchies. The ones you reviewed here were nice but I personally think the new ones are a great upgrade. They are a bit thicker, and chewier, and the flavors tweaked a bit. The Lemon & Lucuma is my personal favourite!

    Sharing my own delicious taste test and interview with Raw Gorilla too!

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