Tummy-Taming Green Smoothie

tummy-taming green smoothie

I decided to share this tummy-taming green smoothie recipe with you as it is my go-to breakfast when I have been glutened or I am suffering from an IBS flare up. I highly recommend it to anyone else who suffers from Coeliac Disease or any other digestive disorders!

Ginger and mint are really soothing for the digestive system so I find that they are great for helping relieve symptoms and to ease the recovery process. I love to add green superfood powders to this smoothie as it helps my energy levels during a flare up, I always feel so exhausted and get serious brain-fog! The vegan protein powder is purely optional but I usually add to make sure I am getting enough protein when I have to restrict my diet.

tummy-taming green smoothie


1 banana

½ small courgette

10cm cucumber

5 or 6 fresh mint leaves

1 cm ginger, peeled

1 handful spinach

1 tsp Indigo Herbs Supergreens Powder

1 tbsp Indigo Herbs Super Protein Powder (optional)

150ml cold water


  • Dice all the vegetables then simply blend everything together until smooth
  • You may want to add a little bit more ginger if you can handle it!

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