Indian Spiced Chicken

indian spiced chicken

This Indian spiced chicken recipe is another one of those last minute additions to a meal that I never expect to taste so good! I have only recently started eating meat again and stir frying chicken is one of my favourite ways to cook it, you are always left with juicy, tender meat! Plus it is a great protein source with 27g of protein in every 100 grams.

I love using a combination of dried herbs and spices in my cooking, not only do they taste incredible but they also have added health benefits! Turmeric is probably my favourite spice as it transforms any dish and it is considered to have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties making it the ideal addition to a meal when you are feeling a bit run down.

I recommend serving this chicken with a side of tenderstem broccoli and my channa masala!


Serves 2


250g chicken breast strips

2 tsp garlic infused olive oil

1 tsp tamari

2 tbsp coconut milk

1 tsp ground turmeric

1 tsp ground cumin

½ tsp hot chilli flakes

½ tsp smoked paprika

1 tsp garam masala

Fresh coriander to garnish (optional)


  • Start by cutting the chicken strips into 1 inch pieces and place them in a bowl
  • Add 1 tsp of the oil with all the remaining ingredients (except the fresh coriander) and mix until the chicken pieces are completely coated
  • Cover and leave to marinate for 20-30 minutes
  • Heat the remaining 1 tsp of oil in a pan over a medium heat
  • Add the chicken pieces and stir fry for 5-7 minutes until the chicken is cooked through
  • Garnish with the fresh coriander and serve with a of steamed veg and brown rice or my channa masala!indian spiced chicken

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